Thursday, July 28, 2011

Phytodemaq - A Quick Cleansing Lotion

I was recently introduced to a term called Triple Cleansing. For the past 15 years, I have been diligently practising double cleansing using a cleansing milk lotion followed by foaming cleanser. Now, with triple cleansing, I start off with a gentle cleansing lotion then cleansing milk, followed by foaming cleanser. I felt cleaned before, with 2 steps, now, I really know how clean my skin is after 3 steps cleansing nightly. 

Phytodemaq is a product of Biogènie Beautè Concept. It is a quick cleansing plant lotion with 3 in 1 function - milk, lotion and exfoliating. It aims to purify, smoothe and tones your skin. Apart from its cleansing purpose, it can also be used as a gentle make up remover.

Method : 
1. Using a clean cotton pad, wet the surface with Phytodemaq.
2. Gently remove impurities by wiping the cotton ad on your skin. 
3. Once the entire face is complete, rinse off with clear water. 
4. Followed by Cleansing milk and Fomaing Cleanser of your choice.

Review :
1. It has a fresh aroma, not too strong. 
2. Does eliminate impurities better by beginning with this cleansing lotion, as I notice over the first week of applying, white heads and oil seeds are much lesser. 
3. Especially, after removing stubborn dead cells after a good facial, all the more important to be diligent to apply triple cleansing every night, in order to maintain a healthy skin surface. This is in order for your skin to better absorb the moisturiser or serum which you use after. 
4. Over the long run, skin feels smoother and noticeably lighter in colour. 
5. Since it has a gentle cleansing effect, I also use it to clean my school going nephew's neck and hidden spots behind ears for a thorough cleansing. 

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