Saturday, May 16, 2015

Cadbury's New Marvellous

Cadbury released a new marvellous range of chocolates!

The roadshow as the theme "Marvellous" gave the visitors a magical and circus-y impression. Attendants were attired in tall hats and purple uniforms that reminded me of Alice in Wonderland. There were games and prizes given away. I was envious of a lady who won a tablet, but honestly, I've never ever had any chance at lucky draws anyway. If 9 out of 10 people must get a prize, I'm definitely the number 10th person, who will not get any!

During roadshow, if you buy any 2 of the 160g bars @ RM8.90 each, you can get a free photobooth shot as well participate in games for more prizes.

Letting the new choc melt in your mouth, you do feel like going to a circus. There's the sensation of a sweet melt in your mouth milk choc, coupled by a crunchy little toffee lolling around your tongue or a jelly-ish candy, ending with a stuck in your tooth little experience. It's worth the adventure, however, I'm still a plain old creature who prefers - Dairy Milk Chocolate, just dairy milk.

overwhelmed by a huge choc...indeed a true chocolate fan

Friday, July 13, 2012

Xiao En Bereavement Centre

entrance to lobby. ample car par area indoors and outdoor. 
I was pleasantly surprised by the comfortable ambience, setting and professionalism of the helping staff in Xiao En. Though not cheap but I would say that it is worth the price paid for the overall package, whereby let the professionals do their work, and they really know what they should do. All for the peace of mind for those who are grieving. Even the well wishers are well taken care of. 
lobby entrance. reception to the left. a huge waiting area to the right. well lit...very assuring
well announced information on flashing LED screens to guide you to the right location
waiting lounge outside the service room, lots of comfortable seating for relatives and friends to mingle
helping hand ever ready behind the serving line

well lit and set beautifully. well done

night view of Jalan Cheras from the 1st Floor
the centre at night
they cater to both Buddhist and Christian ceremonial services. At RM19,888 (Buddhist) and RM17,888 (Christian) you will have a 3 days 2 night package, peace of mind from the moment on transfering of your deceased loved one to the handing over of ashes. Of course, there are several add-on options which is not included, depending on the need of your family. Do give them a call for further explanation. I assure you, their call center/sales staff are very friendly, have very good detailing and explanation. Their call services operate 24 hours as well.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Eucerin White Solution Gentle Cleansing Foam

A pharmacy product which I highly recommend due to its pricing and effectiveness. No longer do I need to spend RM85 on a gentle cleansing foam which by the way, is my all time favourite brand, Clarins. (Wait till I can afford again, hugs and kisses to Clarins) I've found another brand which gives me the confidence of gentle cleansing. 

I've always love using foam, because I need to only squeeze a 1cm portion mix with water and voila! Results in two palm full of foam. 

As the name goes, it truly is gentle after using this product. I do not feel the tightness and harshness of what water can do to your skin, rather, refreshed and supple. 

Contains a mild fragrance you would almost not notice once you regularly uses it. I detest overpowering smell which the whole neighbourhood gets that I'm having my face washed at that point of time. So, no-no to strong smell. 

Pricing is wonderful. Usually priced between RM26 - RM28. I got mine during offers which can go as low as RM23. Afterall, mama always tells me to spend wisely.   

Life To Notebooks, Cards and Gift Wraps

Mossery is a Malaysian grown stationary label, founded by Vivian Lou and Wai Lam. Together, they designed and produce self express items such as notebooks, cards and gift wraps. 

These designs are inspired by childhood reading on fairytales. I like the fact that names are given to each books, sort of giving life and character. Love the neat look, one off colour and childlike characters on the cover.

They aim to develop new designs every two to three months in order to keep their clientele a-coming. 
If you are lovers of all wonderful unique items, then do visit ( for more designs.


Do Something For A Good Cause

“We want volunteering to become a lifestyle...." quote Tandemic Director, Kal Joffres. 

I like the sound of this statement. I believe just like me, there are many people out there who wishes to do something for a good cause, yet may not know how, where, when, what and who to give to. In fact, giving is better than receiving. Amen! 

A user friendly portal has emerged in the Malaysian community, which gives an opportunity to you, you and you who can spare your time, effort, skills and assets for a good cause. Featured in The Star newspaper ( This online channel also involves celebrities such as Ben Ibrahim, Amber Chia, Daphne Iking and Azlan Iskandar, each giving personal support to chosen organisations as ambassadors.  

From the portal (,  you can register to be a volunteer in respond to any calling of your choice or as an organisation, posting your need for volunteers. To date, there are 25 registered organisation such as Amnesty International Malaysia, Kota Kita, etc....

Take a look at some of the possible ways you can volunteer. It is so simple. Reinventing your existing skills to do good, now isn't that causing good to two birds with one shot? Cheesy, I know. They even have Pet Carnivals for you to volunteer in, how wonderful. 

So, what are you waiting for? Just do something for a good cause today :) 

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Brick, Stone and Woodgrain Wall Panel

I discovered this brick, stone and wood grain wall paneling in Houz Depot last weekend by Klaus Decor. Called FashionWall, it has a variety of designs. Get rustic, get sleek designs, with time and cost savings because it is easy to apply (DIY) besides you can achieve the same look and texture without needing to pile your porch high with loose materials. In fact, it's environmentally friendly material as well mold resistant, giving you peace of mind that it is a long term investment.

Go to the website to download their complete installation instructions as well view the video tutorial for better understanding. Can't go wrong here :)

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Phytodemaq - A Quick Cleansing Lotion

I was recently introduced to a term called Triple Cleansing. For the past 15 years, I have been diligently practising double cleansing using a cleansing milk lotion followed by foaming cleanser. Now, with triple cleansing, I start off with a gentle cleansing lotion then cleansing milk, followed by foaming cleanser. I felt cleaned before, with 2 steps, now, I really know how clean my skin is after 3 steps cleansing nightly. 

Phytodemaq is a product of Biogènie Beautè Concept. It is a quick cleansing plant lotion with 3 in 1 function - milk, lotion and exfoliating. It aims to purify, smoothe and tones your skin. Apart from its cleansing purpose, it can also be used as a gentle make up remover.

Method : 
1. Using a clean cotton pad, wet the surface with Phytodemaq.
2. Gently remove impurities by wiping the cotton ad on your skin. 
3. Once the entire face is complete, rinse off with clear water. 
4. Followed by Cleansing milk and Fomaing Cleanser of your choice.

Review :
1. It has a fresh aroma, not too strong. 
2. Does eliminate impurities better by beginning with this cleansing lotion, as I notice over the first week of applying, white heads and oil seeds are much lesser. 
3. Especially, after removing stubborn dead cells after a good facial, all the more important to be diligent to apply triple cleansing every night, in order to maintain a healthy skin surface. This is in order for your skin to better absorb the moisturiser or serum which you use after. 
4. Over the long run, skin feels smoother and noticeably lighter in colour. 
5. Since it has a gentle cleansing effect, I also use it to clean my school going nephew's neck and hidden spots behind ears for a thorough cleansing.