Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Eucerin White Solution Gentle Cleansing Foam

A pharmacy product which I highly recommend due to its pricing and effectiveness. No longer do I need to spend RM85 on a gentle cleansing foam which by the way, is my all time favourite brand, Clarins. (Wait till I can afford again, hugs and kisses to Clarins) I've found another brand which gives me the confidence of gentle cleansing. 

I've always love using foam, because I need to only squeeze a 1cm portion mix with water and voila! Results in two palm full of foam. 

As the name goes, it truly is gentle after using this product. I do not feel the tightness and harshness of what water can do to your skin, rather, refreshed and supple. 

Contains a mild fragrance you would almost not notice once you regularly uses it. I detest overpowering smell which the whole neighbourhood gets that I'm having my face washed at that point of time. So, no-no to strong smell. 

Pricing is wonderful. Usually priced between RM26 - RM28. I got mine during offers which can go as low as RM23. Afterall, mama always tells me to spend wisely.   

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