Friday, July 13, 2012

Xiao En Bereavement Centre

entrance to lobby. ample car par area indoors and outdoor. 
I was pleasantly surprised by the comfortable ambience, setting and professionalism of the helping staff in Xiao En. Though not cheap but I would say that it is worth the price paid for the overall package, whereby let the professionals do their work, and they really know what they should do. All for the peace of mind for those who are grieving. Even the well wishers are well taken care of. 
lobby entrance. reception to the left. a huge waiting area to the right. well lit...very assuring
well announced information on flashing LED screens to guide you to the right location
waiting lounge outside the service room, lots of comfortable seating for relatives and friends to mingle
helping hand ever ready behind the serving line

well lit and set beautifully. well done

night view of Jalan Cheras from the 1st Floor
the centre at night
they cater to both Buddhist and Christian ceremonial services. At RM19,888 (Buddhist) and RM17,888 (Christian) you will have a 3 days 2 night package, peace of mind from the moment on transfering of your deceased loved one to the handing over of ashes. Of course, there are several add-on options which is not included, depending on the need of your family. Do give them a call for further explanation. I assure you, their call center/sales staff are very friendly, have very good detailing and explanation. Their call services operate 24 hours as well.

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